Startup & International Business

At Deventer Consulting, we have a strong focus on entrepreneurs and offer 100% support from the business idea to the successful implementation.

We all know how difficult it is to set up your own company and which hurdles of different kinds you have to overcome. Our work is that the entrepreneur has only to take care of his core business, and all legal, labor and tax aspects are regulated by us.

This reorientation as well as our strong implication in the Barcelona start-up scene has also attracted international attention, which is why we were classified by as a local expert in Barcelona.

At Deventer Consulting, we try to make the work of an Entrepreneur as convenient as possible, which is why we have implemented Quipu, a software which makes it easy for our customers to control inputs and outputs, and to have on-time access to all fiscal and financial data. For us this is as much a standard as a cloud-based information exchange.

The implication in the startup sector is complemented by our sponsorship and the support of NeDeNa, a network of German-speaking entrepreneurs offering a platform for the exchange of knowledge and networking.