360° Consulting

At Deventer Consulting, we know the importance of professional advice, especially at the beginning of a company foundation. We help with the business plan formulation, the company assessment or with budgeting.

Start-ups are often confronted with a lack of liquidity, a core problem that can ruin the best projects. We therefore believe that cost control is also of great importance, especially in growth phases. That is the reason why we offer financial advice, which is integrated into the daily work of Entrepreneurs.

We commit ourselves to your team in order to recommend new sales and marketing strategies or to optimize processes. These start with the right selection of personnel, in which we apply company-specific selection processes and end with the internationalization process which we accompany until the successful implementation abroad.

Mini Pack Start-ups


one paymentSeed start-up

  • Corporate plan (web consulting, logo, materials, etc.)
  • 10h minimum of face-to-face consulting
  • Company structuring (organization chart, selection, first training apart)
  • first months launch plan
  • accompanying first sales / customers
  • analysis and proposal of analytical accounting on margins, prices and costs
  • P & G previsional to 2 years

Start pack


one paymentFor start-ups and SMEs

  • complete launch plan and / or business plan (online, offline)
  • 15h minimum of face-to-face consulting
  • 365/24 continuous follow-up
  • Accompaniment visits to suppliers and customers to optimize
  • mini communication plan (online, offline and ssmm)
  • 4 month improvement plan

Push-up packTop


one paymentFor any customer

  • Sensitive growth goal of sales
  • objective to improve short-term margins
  • 30h minimum of face-to-face consulting
  • 360º consulting according to the case
  • accompanying suppliers and clients to optimize resources
  • direct sales to customers according to schedule and costs
  • 3-month improvement plan seen

Ecofinance pack


one paymentFor any customer

  • 30 hours of face-to-face consulting
  • detailed analysis of the P & G and the balance sheet of the company
  • Optimization areas: costs, resources, margins, etc.
  • Proposal for short-term tax improvement
  • short and medium term cash flow management proposal
  • analysis of the cost of personnel and proposal for improvement and optimization
  • Strategic proposal on how to increase sales in the short term
  • proposal for a short-term communication / promotional plan